By Russell Kashket

Russell Kashket Collection

About The Russell Kashket Collection

The terms bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear have become interchangeable throughout the global tailoring industry. You will find differing descriptions and opinions on tailors and fashion websites, blogs, dictionaries and even Wikipedia. At Russell Kashket we focus on making suits; rather than confusing people about them and debating historic tailoring concepts.

The Russell Kashket Collection is made by hand in a ready to wear format. This means our Tailors design and grade our cutting blocks by hand. Only first generation patterns used and all design and development work is undertaken personally by Russell Kashket with his specialist team.

Russell Kashket has incorporated classic bespoke suit production techniques into his Ready to Wear collection ensuring the highest quality standards are met. For example:

Fabric is cut using layup techniques that ensure grain, stripes, textures and patterns are continuous through the garment. This is why our lines match perfectly on a classic pin or chalk stripe garment.

Our Tailors based in Tottenham, London make the Russell Kashket collection on the same production tables as they make for Royalty and Officers whether Uniform, Suiting or other clothing.

The Ready to Wear Collection is an inspiration in terms of style, design, fabric choice, comfort and tailoring skill all brought together by the Master Craftsman that is Russell Kashket and his team.

About Russell Kashket

Russell Kashket has been making uniform, suits and clothing for 27 years as Tailor to the Royal Household, British Monarchy and the Public. Through a career in Tailoring fine Uniforms Russell was first asked to make Suiting by Officers in the Military because they enjoyed the cut and comfort of his Tailored Uniform. Today Russell Kashket makes Uniform, Suiting and Clothing for 8 reigning monarchs around the world. You may have heard of Russell Kashket's Uniform brand; Kashket & Partners who recently designed and manufactured the uniforms for Their Royal Highness's Prince William, Prince Harry and the Page Boys at the 2011 Royal Wedding.